Big Hat Brunch



The Hat-titude Big Hat Brunch is a social initiative committed to supporting and increasing awareness on the various forms of cancer. Amidst a sophisticated atmosphere, Hat-titude pauses to highlight the causes and effects as well as provide preventative measures against the disease. Cancer is multifaceted and not just limited to breast, prostate and liver, which is why Hat-titude stands to highlight all forms and variations in both men and women...and we do it in style!


Hat-titude attire is set as an all-white affair where the attendees are encouraged to wear hats of different colors to represent the various forms of cancer. This way, the event is not only stylishly uniformed, but neutralized from gender and race; thus, focusing the attention on the heart of the effort. A highly anticipated, multicultural event, Hat-titude definitely does its part to unite Atlanta’s most affluent and influential tastemakers in an impactful way, giving them a platform to rally in support and join the fight. Portions of the proceeds benefit the research efforts and purposes of deserving charities.




Each year, Hat-titude draws a crowd of 200+ attendees. They are made up of affluent Atlantans between the ages of 25-75 with an average household income of $134,600. Our attendees are from all walks of life to include medical doctors, health care professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, educators, community advocates, elected officials and clergy. Target marketing efforts span the Atlanta metropolitan region, encompassing a population of 5.5M - 28 counties and 140 municipalities.


Hat-titude is a 501(c)3 organization; thus, we are asking for the charitable donation.




  • The exclusive Ask the Doctors panel discussion
  • A presentation of the esteemed Care-Giver Award
  • LIVE music by a full band and notable recording artists
  • A celebratory two-line parade

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